Vietnamese masks are present in many countries

Vietnamese mask brand has achieved international certification, is present in Japanese, UK, US markets ... contributing to protecting people's health in the context of Covid-19.

According to the General Department of Customs, in the first 6 months of this year, businesses exported more than 557 million medical masks. The US, Germany, Singapore, Korea ... are the main export markets for this item of Vietnam.

 For health care products, masks need to pass strict export standards before entering the international market. Facing such a strong development wave, KATOJI is one of the mask brands chosen by many customers from all over the world to serve people. 

During many years of researching and developing products for health, Vietnam's KATOJI masks have met many important standards such as ATG quality certification from the Australian Ministry of Health, CE from UK, and quality accreditation certificate ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016. According to the brand representative, by 2020, when the world market demand increases, KATOJI masks are ready to be available in major countries such as Australia, Japan, the US, Canada, the UK and the Netherlands.

Among the countries that the KATOJI brand exports, Japan is famous for being a strict market for product quality control and inspection criteria. In Japan, people have been conscious of using masks for a long time to protect their own health. During the pollen season or when air quality deteriorates, the Japanese often have a mask on hand to protect the respiratory system. Office workers in the land of the rising sun often have the habit of wearing masks to the company. If you have a mild flu or often sneeze, cough ... they will wear all day to avoid affecting colleagues, and everyone around.


From crowded streets to cramped offices, we keep you safe with KATOJI's medical masks.